Interdepartmental Research Center
for the Innovation of Health Products

The Center is formally represented by two specific organs: the Director and the Board of the Center. Prof Ruggero Bettini is the Director of the Center, is the legal representative of BIOPHARMANET-TEC and interacts with the members of the Center and external subjects. Moreover, he has management and administrative responsibilities, he is the scientific coordinator, and he is in charge to maintain accreditation requisites.

The Board of the Center has consulting and prepositive functions, decides the strategic planning and budget approval. It is constituted by the Director of the Center, the Departments Directors, and Researchers associated to the Center.

Other members of the Center:

Vice Director: Prof.ssa Alessia Bacchi.

Administrative coordinator: Rag. Giorgetta Leporati (carries out administrative and budget activities and supports the Director in the managing of the Center).

Internal Audit Responsible: Prof.ssa Barbara Campanini.

Marketing & outreach responsible: Dr. Marina Cassano (in charge for the management of communication, relation with industrial partners and other members of the high technology network).

Quality system manager: Prof. Fabio Sonvico (in charge for the control of the correct implementation of Center procedures, the managing of the accreditation manual and client satisfaction analysis, and for proposing mitigation measures to improve the activity of the Center).

Web manager (RPP): Prof Marco Pieroni.

Each of 5 operational units presents specific competences and offers a series of different services.