Interdepartmental Research Center
for the Innovation of Health Products

BIOPHARMANET-TEC has competences in the field of drug discovery, drug delivery, process chemistry, pharmacology, experimental medicines, biochemistry and molecular biology, and makes use of the proper equipment to carry out the tasks assigned.

The laboratory instruments belonging to BIOPHARMANET-TEC are herein reported, along with information about their location, use and property.

pMDIFilling of pressured devices for inhalationBPN-TEC Tecnopolo di ParmaN/AComodatoBettini
Instrument for thermal analysis DSCStudy of solid-state characteristicsFood and Drug Department5872, 5671POR-FESRBettini
Instrument for thermal analysis TGAStudy of solid-state characteristicsFood and Drug Department28,29POR-FESRBettini
Instrument for dissolution of solid pharmaceuticalsTo determine the dissolution rate and the release of solid pharmaceuticalsFood and Drug Department16, 19POR-FESRBettini
Disaggregation instrumentMeasure of disaggregation time of tabletsFood and Drug Department64POR-FESRBettini
Animal facility “Charles River”Structures for animal careFood and Drug Department20POR-FESRBarocelli Petronini
Ultrasound bath 8510 BransonPowder solubilization in waterFood and Drug Department46ConferimentoBettini
BassinaTo cover solid pharmaceuticals with con lipidic and polymeric filmsFood and Drug Department76, 78POR-FESRBettini
Analytical scalesAnalytical scalesBPN-TEC Tecnopolo di Parma100103POR-FESRBettini
Laminar flow fume hoodHandling of biological samplesFood and Drug Department21POR-FESRBarocelli
CentrifugesPhase separationFood and Drug Department, BPN-TEC Tecnopolo di Parma42POR-FESRSanti Bruno
Fluorocytometer Guava® easyCyte 5Quantification of fluorescence of biological samples, cells and organic solutionsFood and Drug Department61POR-FESRBernini
Comprimitrice STYL’One EvolutionProduction of tabletsFood and Drug Department68POR-FESRBettini
Vertical refrigerator (-86 °C)Samples and cells cryoconservationFood and Drug Department22POR-FESRBernini
Fast HPLC Agilent 1200 SeriesIdentification and quantification of organic moleculesFood and Drug Department7-10, 15 11-14, 23POR-FESRBettini
Diffractometer  instrument RigakuEvaluation of samples crystal structureFood and Drug Department6219ConferimentoBettini
Laser Diffractometer  Malvern  SprayTecDetermination of size and dimensional distribution of a powder or suspensionFood and Drug Department4-6POR-FESRBettini
Compact density determining instrumentMeasure of compact densityFood and Drug Department68POR-FESRBettini
Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)Determination of the size and superficial charge of a colloidal dispersionFood and Drug Department152712ConferimentoBettini
Dynamic vapour sorption (DVS)Gravimetric analysisFood and Drug Department100003ConferimentoBettini
Fermentator 10LProduction of peptides and proteins through microorganism fermentationBPN-TEC Tecnopolo di ParmaTBAConferimentoBruno
FriabilometerEvaluation of tablets friabilityFood and Drug Department63POR-FESRBettini
Granulator/MixerSmall scale production of mixture of various sizeBPN-TEC Tecnopolo di Parma74, 75POR-FESRBettini
COthermostatic incubatorTo promote cellular growthFood and Drug Department30POR-FESRBernini
Impactators (ACI, NGI, Critical Flow Controller and 3 pumps)Evaluation of the aerodynamic characteristics of aerosolsFood and Drug Department31, 33, 6294, 4676, 100019ConferimentoBettini
Lyophilizer Christ Alpha 2-4 LSC PlusProduction of solid pharmaceuticalsBPN-TEC Tecnopolo di Parma66POR-FESRBettini
Tridimentional dynamic powder mixerFor powder mixing with a 3D movementBPN-TEC Tecnopolo di Parma158274ConferimentoBettini
Refrigerated microcentrifuge HermleIsolation of cellsFood and Drug Department37ConferimentoBarocelli
Fluid jet micronizer millTo mix active ingredients and excipients of small size (<10 uM)BPN-TEC Tecnopolo di ParmaN/AComodatoBettini
Fluid bed granulation machine MiniGlattProduction of granulates of various sizeBPN-TEC Tecnopolo di Parma6312ConferimentoBettini
Mini Spray DryerSpray drier for the production of microparticlesFood and Drug Department43,44POR-FESRBettini
High pressure homogenizerHomogenizer for emulsion, suspension and cells.BPN-TEC Tecnopolo di ParmaTBAConferimentoBruno
Capsule filling machinePrototype for the filling of hard gel capsulesBPN-TEC Tecnopolo di ParmaN/AComodatoBettini
Helium PycnometerMeasurement of powder densityFood and Drug Department100018ConferimentoBettini
Real-Time PCR System StepOneDNA amplification and quantificationMedicine Department69POR-FESRPetronini
RotogranulatorPreparation of powder and granulates mixturesBPN-TEC Tecnopolo di Parma6903ConferimentoBettini
UV-Vis floe cell spectrophotometer Perkin ElmerDetermination of the dissolution process of a solid pharmaceuticalFood and Drug Department6462ConferimentoBettini
LC MS/MS QTRAP4000Identification and quantification of various substancesFood and Drug Department70-81POR-FESRElviri
Mass spectrometer TSQ Quantum Access Max System with HESI ProbeHigh resolution mass chromatographer for the characterization of molecules of interestFood and Drug Department24-26POR-FESRMor
Titrator Karl Fisher Mettler ToledoDetermination of water in a sampleFood and Drug Department32ConferimentoBettini
Digital rotational viscometerMeasurement of viscosity of small samplesFood and Drug Department45POR-FESRBettini