Interdepartmental Research Center
for the Innovation of Health Products

Herein is reported a series of national and international projects for which the Center has been coordinator or partner. The efficacy of the research activity and in particular the technology transfer is testified by the high number of publications and the several patents that the members of the Center have filled throughout the time, and that can be retrieved in the personnel table.

BIOPHARMANET-TEC commits to protect IP rights connected to the research activity carried out within the Center. (IPR protection). Concerning the IP rights generated as contractor for third parties, the Center refers to the “Regulation for patents and IP rights” of the Parma University.

Within each project, the Center signs with the customer a “non-disclosure agreement” where the two parts are committed to keep data and information generated in the development of the project confidential, otherwise the contract is broken, and penalty clauses are enforced. Aim of the agreement is to protect every industrial secret and safeguard commercial information.  

The Center has established a code of conduct. Each member of the Center, both tenured and temporary, is required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Before signing, members are made aware of the deontological meaning of this conduct, which is thought to establish a mutual sense of trust with the client and safeguard future professional relationships.