Interdepartmental Research Center
for the Innovation of Health Products

The center is constituted by researcher belonging to the following departments

  • Food and Drug Department
  • Department of Medicine and Surgery
  • Department of Engineering and Architecture
  • Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability
  • Department of Veterinary Science

And is divided in 5 operational units.

  • Drug Discovery
  • Drug Delivery e Process Chemistry
  • Experimental Pharmacology
  • Experimental Medicine and Surgery
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Each OU is coordinated by the Unit Responsible and is constituted by tenured and temporary personnel. Tenured personnel, that devotes a significative part of worktime to BIOPHARMANET-TEC, is made by professors, associate professors, researchers and administrative personnel. Temporary personnel are constituted mainly by research fellows.   

Name OUPosition E-mail Phone
Alfieri RobertaExperimental medicine and surgeryMdC, 0521.903768 Publications Patents
Bacchi AlessiaDrug Delivery and process chemistryMdC, Vice 0521 905421 Publications
Barocelli 0521.905093 Publications
Bernini FrancoPharmacologyMdC, 0521.905039 Publications Patents
Bettati StefanoBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyMdC, 0521.905502 Publications Patents
Bettini RuggeroDrug Delivery and process chemistryMdC, 0521.905089 Publications Patents
Bianchera AnnalisaDrug Delivery and process 0521.905068 Publications Patents
Bolchi AngeloBiochemistry and Molecular 0521.905149 Publications Patents
Bruno StefanoBiochemistry and Molecular 0521.906613 Publications
Buttini FrancescaDrug Delivery and process 0521.906008 Publications Patents
Cabassi Clotilde SilviaBiochemistry and Molecular 0521.032672 Publications Patents
Campanini BarbaraBiochemistry and Molecular 0521.906333 Publications Patents
Carbognani PaoloExperimental medicine and 0521.033537 Publications
Casnati AlessandroDrug 0521.905555 Publications Patents
Corradini RobertoDrug 0521.905410 Publications
Costantino GabrieleDrug 0521.905055 Publications Patents
De Angelis GianluigiExperimental medicine and 0521 702204 Publications
Dieci GiorgioBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyMdC 0521.905649 Publications Patents
Donofrio GaetanoBiochemistry and Molecular 0521.902677 Publications Patents
Marchiò LucianoDrug Delivery and process 0521.905556 Publications
Montanini BarbaraBiochemistry and Molecular 0521.905654 Publications
Nicoli SaraDrug Delivery and process 0521.905065 Publications Patents
Padula CristinaDrug Delivery and process 0521.905078 Publications Patents
Pescina SilviaDrug Delivery and process 0521.905070 Publications
Petronini Pier GiorgioExperimental medicine and 0521.903767 Publications Patents
Pieroni MarcoDrug 0521.905054 Publications Patents
Rivara SilviaDrug 0521.905006 Publications Patents
Ronda LucaBiochemistry and Molecular 0521.905502 Publications Patents
Ronda 0521. 033258 Publications Patents
Rossi AlessandraDrug Delivery and process 0521.905086 Publications Patents
Sala RobertoExperimental medicine and 0521.903777 Publications
Santi PatriziaDrug Delivery and process chemistryMdC. 0521.905069 Publications Patents
Silvestri MarcoDrug Delivery and process 0521.905895 Publications
Sonvico FabioDrug Delivery and process chemistryMdC, 0521.905087 Publications Patents
Tasora AlessandroDrug Delivery and process 0521.905895 Publications Patents
Vacondio FedericaDrug 0521.905076 Publications
Zanotti 0521.905040 Publications
Giorgetta LeporatiRicerca e Trasferimento TecnologicoMdC, Administrative 0521.904550