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The use of renewable energy sources is seen as a key element in energy policy, reducing the dependence on fuel imported from non-EU countries, reducing emissions from fossil fuel sources, and decoupling energy costs from oil prices. Directive 2009/28/EC on promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources established accounting criteria for the 2020 targets on renewable energy sources.


The SHARES tool focuses on the harmonised calculation of the share of energy from renewable sources. The main benefit derived from the SHARES tool is that Member States are engaged to go through the exact same method in order to calculate the desired values. Its application prevents any irregularities from varying parameters and rules used in different calculation methods.

Results of the completed SHARES exercises are available in our dataset


For complete calculation transparency reasons, older version of the SHARES tool and SHARES tool results are presented here. These results are now outdated as new data, including revisions in basic energy data transmitted by reporting countries, are taken into account in latest presented versions (see above).